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Totally Locally Pinner

C/O Brooks
44-46 Bridge St

020 3105 5212

What is Totally Locally Pinner
The new organisation to link independent shops & businesses in Pinner. Totally Locally is something special. It started out as a small idea in the North of England and has grown into a multi-award-winning worldwide movement. Groups of volunteers in towns and areas use the free kit (yes it really is free), following guidelines and using templates and a full event strategy, and use it to make their town a stronger, more vibrant & resilient place. There is now a network or Totally Locally Towns across the world, sharing ideas, working together and making a difference to their independent businesses. It works. It has been proven from Yorkshire to London to New Zealand. A new vibrancy, a spirit of cooperation, and a better High Street. Now launched in Pinner to bring together independent shops and businesses in the town to share ideas and create campaigns. The first campaign is Fiver Fest a National campaign taking place 8th to 15th June 2019.
Contact Us
We’d love to hear from you. Call us now at 020 3105 5212 or send a message by email: with Name, Phone, email and message we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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