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NT Ward Tips for Winter Heating

NT Ward Tips for Winter Heating
Here's a tip for heating your home during sustained cold and freezing weather conditions. We recommend that you switch your heating to constant (24 hours) including overnight.
The one thing you must do though, is turn your room thermostat down to around 17.5 degrees when you go to bed.
Doing this won't mean your heating is on all night, it just means that if your internal temperature drops below 17.5 degrees, it will come on and keep the house at this temperature and then quickly switch off again once the temperature rises. 
Once you're up and awake you can turn the room thermostat back up to your usual setting. 
The reason we recommend this, is that if your house temperature drops to 16 or 15 overnight and the heating comes on in the morning, it could take nearly an hour for the heating to rise 1 degree, therefore your boiler will be working hard in the morning, and worse, you will wake up to what feels like a cold house.
By switching the heating to constant and lowering the temperature at night, then turning it back up when you've woken, your house will actually start to feel warmer overall.
Doing this, we feel, is the most cost effective way to stay warm and cosy during these spells of sustained freezing conditions.
Darren Ward 
N T Ward Heating

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