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Heath Robinson’s drawings at the Pinner Museum

Heath Robinson’s drawings at the Pinner Museum
24 Nov 2018 to 17 Feb 2019  
This exhibition will feature Heath Robinson’s drawings of his wonderfully eccentric gadgets solving simple tasks in complicated ways, and his gentle satires of Modernism in architecture and design.
In 1934 Heath Robinson designed his ideal home ’The Gadgets’, which was built at The Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia and proved a great attraction there.  This exhibition will show the series of coloured “Ideal Home” cartoons published in 1933 and rare photographs of the construction of Heath Robinson’s house at the Ideal Home Exhibition.  It was peopled with more than thirty life-like moving figures, all busy about their daily tasks, assisted by numerous contraptions. It was this construction that later provided the inspiration for the opening scenes of the Wallace and Gromit film ‘The Wrong Trousers’.  
There will be original artwork from How to Live in a Flat which gently satirised modernist architecture and Art Deco design as well as his usual target of people who take themselves too seriously.  Examples of the set of nursery china that Heath Robinson designed in 1927 for a Knightsbridge department store will also be on show.

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