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Pinner Businesses Express Concern about Brexit

Pinner Businesses Express Concern about Brexit
Pinner’s Business community has concerns about Brexit. At yesterday’s meeting of Pinner Business Club a survey was conducted on the impacts of Brexit. The survey asked whether businesses may be affected and also how members would vote today if there was a second referendum. 
Club Chairman Norman Stevenson said “these results show a ‘real-world’ view of Brexit. The consensus shows that we just wish the referendum hadn’t taken place because it’s caused unnecessary uncertainty. Uncertainty is not good for business”. 
The survey showed that 57% were concerned about the effect of Brexit on their business. 71% would vote Remain today (it was 86% in 2016) and 100% of respondents wished there had never been a referendum. 
Pinner Business Club holds regular monthly networking meetings. For details contact Norman Stevenson on
Norman Stevenson
07984 480551

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