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Meeting with MP Mr Nick Hurd - Update on Aggravated Burglaries

Meeting with Mr Nick Hurd  MP - Update on Aggravated Burglaries
Letter from Pinner Residents.
Hi Nick
Firstly, we would like to thank you, Mr Bob Blackman, Commander Sara Leach and Rosie for arranging to meet with us
Following were the key points we understood :-  
-There were 9 aggravated burglaries in the last 3 months in Harrow. The police have made one arrest, but it is not yet clear whether it is in relation to these recent incidents. 
-Commander Sara Leach has within her control about 1600 police officers for the North West  BCU , out of which around 150 are specifically for burglaries of London and this set is flexible enough to be available in Pinner/Harrow .  Commander Leach has twice confirmed that aggravated burglaries are her number  1 priority along with other serious crimes.
The following steps have been taken to ensure more surveillance during the evening times  –
(a) There are constant police cars in the Pinner area capturing number plates that are likely to have been involved in crimes, patrolling between 7am and midnight.
(b) There are a number of unmarked cars patrolling around Harrow up until midnight. 
(c) Burglary Focus desks and Surveillance Trials are currently undergoing. We would appreciate a little more details on the Burglary Focus Desks and how we can keep our local folk informed about it . 
List of issues to follow up on 
The OWL Surveillance – connecting all private CCTVs has been rolled out in Hillingdon but has not been yet in Harrow. We understand that this is something you feel strong about. We would as residents of Pinner, expect that you are able to push this through with the council, along with Mr Bob Blackman's assistance. 
ANPR - There has been no significant update on the ANPR installation around Pinner. Sara Leach said there are already some around but we didn't get to any details since we were running out of time. We would appreciate an update on this, hopefully in our next meeting. 
We, the residents of Pinner, hope that with your leadership, we are able to progress with these issues positively and successfully. 
Nitin Kailaje 
( on behalf of Pinner residents)

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