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Brooks Bookshop

Brooks Bookshop
The popular bookshop Brooks at the top of Bridge Street Pinner continues to thrive as one of the most popular businesses in the area.
Pinner Local met the owners owners Peter and Sarah wish to convey to all their customers that they have no intention of closing, despite recent unwanted comments on social media. Despite increases in Business Rates and an ongoing appeal, Brooks continues to meet the ongoing challenges of starting a new business. So how can you help
1. Come and buy your books with them
2. Have an evening out with a choice of hot and cold drinks,  alcoholic and non alcoholic
3. Buy a gift
4. Come to an event
6. Have lunch 12-2pm
7. Book the vault for a special occasion
9. Buy a book token.
Any questions please contact us at
Please  tell your friends! they are not closing down.

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