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Herbs & Acupunture treat Spinal scoliosis

Herbs & Acupunture Pinner treat Spinal scoliosis
Spinal scoliosis causes body pain and compression to the internal organs particularly at the geriatric stage of life. Early treatment of it is always better than later. Since English doctor Percival Pott first researched the function of spine in his book A Treatise on Ruptures in 1756, generations of orthopaedics and neurologists have tried different surgery techniques to treat scoliosis but haven’t archived satisfactory results.  Based on a theory that movement of the skeleton is controlled by connective tissues, that of connective tissues is guided by nerves and that nerves are controlled by brain, our clinic has developed a new technique to treat scoliosis without an operation. It is very effective for those before the age of thirty.

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