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Queen's Head removal of tables & benches

Queen's Head removal of tables & benches from High St
 The Pinner Association and ourselves have received a message from the publican at the Queen’s Head. 
“We are in full lockdown as you know.  However, I left the benches out at the front of the pub as a kind of civic amenity.  However, this has been terribly abused (a) by people buying cheap alcohol from the local supermarkets and drinking at the front of the pub in groups that were clearly not one household and (b) by people who daubed the benches with graffiti and left large amounts of takeaway litter on the pavement at the front of the pub.  All of these activities could bring the pub into disrepute or even endanger it’s license.  I have therefore reluctantly decided to put the benches and umbrellas into storage until we re-open and can monitor the activities outside.” Sean explains this is why the benches have disappeared. 
This is an extremely regrettable development. Earlier in the year a meeting was held with the local MP Rt Hon David Simmonds to explain how Pinner High St would benefit from a change in allowing pubs, cafes and restaurants to put out tables to develop a more welcoming ambiance. This proved to be very worthwhile  this year when the weather and Covid-19 regulations allowed. Sadly this has now been negated by thoughtless individuals.

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