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Mystery Christmas Tree Decorations in Pinner Memorial Park......

Mystery Christmas Tree Decorations in Pinner Memorial Park
Not far from Daisy’s in the Park, there is a row of evergreen trees which have recently been adorned with a rainbow of Christmas tree decorations. As if by Christmas magic, the ornaments appeared over the festive period. The decorations range from classic glittering baubles to beautifully hand painted designs embellished with shimmering jewels. It is currently a mystery as to who decorated the trees but they have certainly helped to lift the spirits of those visiting the park. 
The tree decorations have helped to brighten up the park providing a welcomed contrast to the current grey drizzly days leading up to Christmas. They are especially important in serving as a reminder of the hugely supportive community presence throughout Pinner despite current difficult circumstances. The decorations are much appreciated by all.
If you know who was behind these beautiful decorations then help us give them recognition by sending us a DM via our social media @pinnerlocal or send us an email via news@pinnerlocal.co.uk
By news reporter Eleanor Clavin

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