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Pinner Sketch Club Artist of the week 30 April 2021

Pinner Sketch Club Artist of the week 30 April 2021
News reporter Eleanor Clavin finds out about local artist Tejal Kachalia. She started creating stained glass pieces in 2016, making her first small suncatcher from glass covering a spectrum of hues. She used basic tools and soldering techniques to bring the creation to life. ”Until then, it was something caged within the walls of my mind.” 

Stained glass is a traditional form of art that dates back to the Middle Ages. In churches and other places of worship, it was used to tell stories. The charm about stained glass is that it is both functional and beautiful. When light penetrates through the coloured glass it releases multiple bursts of dynamic colour in a room.

Tejal says that it has been an exciting and rewarding journey from simply admiring the beautiful art of stained glass to becoming a fully-fledged stained-glass artist. She has become highly skilled in glass creations and has recently been featured on the spring edition cover of Pinner Sketch Club Newsletter.

As Tejal has progressed over time with her ideas and skillset, she had a studio built to support her passion. “The studio is a place where I’ve been able to feed my ambition - an ambition to bring colour to life in many shapes and forms, and commissioning pieces for my dear clients over the past three years.”

Tejal also teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced level classes to students, encompassing a wide range of abilities.

For enquiries about Tejal’s art contact her via 07816282475 or email via

In addition, Tejal will be taking part in a plant sale hosted by Harrow leaf in West Harrow on 8th May selling butterfly and bumblebee stakes. Please come along to support Tejal and take home one of her wonderful creations.

Seen Below:

White Dove
Turquoise garden stake butterfly
Peacock in warm light

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