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Eyesey Eyecare

50 Bridge Street

020 8429 0101

eyesey eyecare
Mrs Rabiyyah Raval BSc (Hons) is a Director & Optometrist at Eyesey Eyecare in Pinner
With a wealth of experience in clinical care – spanning more than 10 years, Rabiyyah brings a friendly and professional approach to your eyecare needs.

Having provided eyecare in one of Central America's poorest countries, as well as working in community practice and laser eye surgery here in the UK, Rabiyyah and the team at Eyesey Eyecare, will ensure that you have the best possible care for your eyes. She champions a comprehensive and informative service to the highest professional standards.
Regular eye examinations  are important – the sooner that issues with your vision are detected, the greater the chance of successful treatment. This is particularly true with young children and the elderly, so we are glad to provide eye examinations to everyone, both NHS and private.

Did you know that blurry vision has been known to affect a child's personality and their ability to learn at school? For example, a dislike for reading or a lack of confidence, may simply be because the child cannot see… correct their vision and  see the change as their world opens up.
eyesey eyecare

Choosing the right frame for you is as important as styling your hair in the morning – it has to be perfect!Allow us to help you create that perfect look with our range of frames with styles to suit all.

Perhaps you participate in sports of some kind where glasses might be a hindrance to your performance. We can fit you with contact lenses to give you great vision when you are active and can recommend specialised tinted lenses to enhance your performance.

Alternatively if you are considering permanent vision correction, whether it be laser correction or permanent lens implant/exchange, we can give you independent advice on all your options and have affiliations with a top Harley Street clinic.

Visual Stress & Dyslexia

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