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Sylvia's new Book "Ask Me To Dance"
Sylvia Colley writes so movingly about grief.’ - Piers Plowright, writer and broadcaster
Rose Gregory has suffered a devastating blow, a double bereavement from which months later she is still reeling.    
Sanctuary and rest are prescribed by her doctor.  But when she arrives at her refuge, a dank and decaying monastery, she finds it is not the haven promised.
Despite the veneer of calm contemplation, the monastery turns out to be a hotbed of intrigue and disharmony.  Rose witnesses bullying and cruelty and ultimately, in defence of the vulnerable, she turns to violence herself.
Sylvia Colley’s extraordinary understanding of a woman’s struggle to deal with grief – the denial, the anger, the loneliness – is described without sentimentality.  A beautifully written and moving story
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