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A Curious Turn - Heath Robinson Museum - Update - 25/6/2018

A Curious Turn - Heath Robinson Museum
26th May until 19th August
An expert horologist and historian of automata, Michael is known as the clockwork guru as a result of his award-winning mechanics. In his Expert Talk Michael will give us a fascinating insight into the wide range of antique automata, their makers and the personalities of the machines and their owners.
Michael's talk starts at 7pm, with the museum galleries and shop open from 6.30 and again after the talk until 8.30pm
Tickets cost £12 (discounted rate £10 for Friends of Heath Robinson Museum.)
A Curious Turn is an exhibition of automata: moving mechanical sculptures brought magically to life through a sequence of cogs, cams, cranks and levers.  A Curious Turn features automata from the leading makers of the last 40 years, ranging from the humorous to the macabre, from the playful to the satirical.  Visitors will be able to turn, push and crank to see many of the pieces in action
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