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Advertising on Pinner Local

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Pinner Local
Pinner Local is the Directory website for Pinner. It  is the  portal for Pinner on the www so that you can find all the information you need in one location on the Internet. It serves the local community, businesses of all types, restaurants, shops, schools the people of Pinner and visitors as well. It provides links to what is going on in and around the village. When you search locally on Pinner Local you will be able to uncover for yourself just how many different aspects there are to living in and visiting this delightful and historic village in North West London.
Types of Advertising.
There are four main types of advertising on Pinner Local:
Entry Level Listing
This allows for a Business or Organisation Logo and Selected Image on the left of the Directory page and opposite on the right hand side of the page, Address, Telephone, Fax plus Email and Website Links will be provided where required, to a client’s website and email. The cost of this advertising method is an affordable £45 a year.
Expanded Directory Listing
This type of advertising has available a template with set areas for Title, Logo, Telephone, Fax, Website and Email details. In addition there is a designated space within which to display images and text information. Links will be provided where required to a client’s website and email. The cost of this advertising The cost of an advertisement in this section is £50 for a month (30 days).
Rotating Box
Box located in either of two positions one on the left and one on right of the page. Found on all pages with Click through from the advert in the box, to the Expanded Directory listing (see above). This is shared in rotation with up to ten other businesses. Changes as page refreshed or another page selected. The cost of this advertising method including a Directory listing is £240 a year.
Permanent Image Advert on Every Page
This provides a permannent Advert image located on the right or left of every page. This links through to either the clients own website or their Directory page on Pinner Local.The cost of a permanent advertisement is negotiable for twelve months.
Amendments to Images and Text
The costs of amendments after any of the Advertisement types goes live on Pinner Local is as follows: Image alterations are £15 an image, Text alterations are £30 for up to 200 characters

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